OurYXE: A New Partnership and Outlet

In the past I’ve wrestled with taking, and made some abortive attempts, this blog to both audio and video formats.

I’m happy to announce a new partnership that has afforded me a platform to put out my research and opinions of everything to do with Saskatoon.

OurYXE.ca is a collaboration with Jordon Cooper and Deann Mercier (and hopefully a number of other people) that should (hopefully) result in a podcast being released each Monday.

The podcasts will consist of round table discussions on topics of the day/of interest with collaborators and regular guests – including City Councillors, experts, and professionals on politics and city building from with Saskatoon.

So with that, check-out www.ouryxe.ca and give a listen to the first podcast, which features Jordon and I talking ad-naseum while Deann tries to get a word in edge-wise on the commuter bridge, infrastructure, and politics – and let us know what you think, either here or on the several platforms that you can find OurYXE.


Website: www.ouryxe.ca

Twitter: @OurYXE