OurYXE: Podcast #2 with Councillor Jeffries

The second episode of the OurYXE.ca podcast has been posted (HERE).

This may sound backwards, but my biggest concern when interviewing someone who is a friend is that I’ll be too hard on them. However, Councillor Jeffries more than held his own against the onslaught of questions (many loaded) by Jordon, DeeAnn and myself.  Topics range from Zach’s beginnings in politics, taking on and defeating a three term incumbent, tricks of the trade for looking older on the doorstep, bridges, infrastructure, and increasing the density of Saskatoon neighbourhoods.

The chat lasts for just under an hour. While that may sound long its the best way to get more in-depth with those who are shaping our city for decades to come, well beyond the 10-2o second sound bytes we are used to on our nightly newscasts.  Is an hour too long? I don’t think so, but that’s what the pause button is for!